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Monday, February 14, 2005

In The Beginning

How did it start? Well, the knitting was learned in Junior High, the knitting obsession started in my 30's. The business ideas, started in Junior High, the businesses started in my 20's. The floundering started in my early 40's. And finally at 46 I think I am crawling back to me. I love knitting, I love business puzzles, I love finding a new angle and there is no LYS in the best spot near me. Demographics are perfect, income double national averages, a totally new concept, a ability to come up with that difference, and a great friend to go into business with.

So, now, there is a call into the realtor, emails to potential supplies, bags the hunt for the perfect bags. Books, ooooo what shall it look like - or how to I get this vision into the store. and YARN. What more could a girl want in life.

And my horoscope the day I started writing the business plan. "LIBRA: There might be a glimmer of how to make a hobby pay for itself. Seek the advice of a trusted friend if you have a brainstorm."

Maybe all roads have lead to here.


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Blogger Annie said...

Hi Alice,
I decided to look up your shop, but was steered to your blog site...I too have a site on blogspot...

Looking forward to chatting with you about knitting and the new Fiber Arts class!
Diane (aka Annie)

2:35 PM  
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